Design Skills for User Researchers

A boutique workshop to help researchers learn product design techniques and foundational figma skills.
Remote, interactive and hands on.
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Level up common research deliverables

Learn some basic design concepts and theories to help make your research deliverables look better.  Utilize our network of working product designers for prompt feedback or take advantage of our plug and play figma templates to design quickly.
You will leave the class with your own branded templates for:

📊 Presentation Decks
👴🏽 Personas
📝 Proposals
📙 Top Line Reports
📱 Prototypes
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A design course for researchers

If you are someone that does research, this is the course for you. You'll learn how to make better looking deliverables, but also some basic product design skills.

1. Become very good at figma - you'll learn everything but the most advanced skills
2. No more waiting on product designers to launch user tests
3. Make better looking deliverables
4. Build a network of other researchers with product design skills
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The Curriculum

This curriculum is designed specifically to make your research look good! It's a combination of figma lessons based around presenting compelling research cases and reviewing design theory to help you make your own great looking mocks and designs. Once you've taken the class - you're part of a community that will always be there for you to give you feedback.

Here's what you can expect after hitting the sign up button...
1. Register and tell us a little bit about yourself
2. Learn some basic figma and design skills with preclass assignments.
3. Attend the live workshops
4. Tap into our researcher and design community
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Get support and feedback from researchers and designers

Researchers have a really hard job - you have to question authority and show high level bosses that their intuition is wrong. Have you ever sent over research results and not heard “thank you”? Have you ever had to prove to someone who has never read a book on research that you did in fact reach out to enough people?  This is a support group for you.

Our slack community exists to help researchers make better looking deliverables which in turn should help with creating convincing findings. Get feedback from other visually minded folks on how to make your presentation look better. Or we’re here to listen and support you. Need a shoulder to cry on? We got you.

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The course consists of one week of pre-work followed by two workshops.



Take it by yourself, but make some friends and grow your researcher network.
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Take the workshop with your coworkers.
Customized to your companies individual processes.
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"I'm teaching designers figma hotkeys. They should take this class too"
"The community is weirdly nice and supportive - still very small. It's crazy!
"I'm teaching designers figma hotkeys. They should take this class too"
Take the workshop with your coworkers. Customized to your companies individual processes.

"I loved this course"

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